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Name Date Ailment No of Visits Outcome
Aidan F(J) 1999

Aidan had a pain in his head for months and had been to the doctor several times.

3 The pains completely went.
Aidan F( S) 1997 Aidan had pins and needles all over his body whenever he would sit down - he had this problem for years and had been to the doctor on several occasions. 3 The pins and needles went and Aidan was greatly relieved.
Alice W Sept 1998 Alice went to the USA on holidays approx 2 years before visiting Michael and while having a barbeque a fly hit her eye and passed on a virus which left her blind in that eye. It spread to her other eye, also taking the sight from it. She had two operations which she informed Michael were unsuccessful. Alice was staying with her daughter in Tramore when she heard about Michael and they travelled up on Sunday 6th Sept '98. She was now blind for 2 years. 3 When Michael took his hands off her eyes after her 1st visit he asked her if there was a difference....Alice was ecstatic- she said she could see her daughter for the first time in 2 years, she also told us what she could see in our lawn, clothesline, pegs and their colours etc. Alice came back a second time but while at home in her house she slipped and hit her head againt the bathroom door. As a result she lost some of her sight. She returned a 3rd time but was still the same. Michael has heard nothing since.
Ann J June 1998 Ann and her sister both came to Michael with very bad sinus. Also her sister suffered badly with asthma. 3 Both the sinus and the asthma cleared up after three visits.
Archie June 1998 Archie had arthritis on two of his fingers which caused a lot of pain and trouble as Archie is a piano tuner. 1 Michael called to Archie when he was in the area as Archie requested. After his first call Archie's pain went and he could bend his fingers. He said he would call back if he ever had any more trouble, which he never did, so it must have cleared fully.
Breeda M April 1998 Suffered badly with eczema for a long time. She was using a lot of creams prescribed to lessen the itch but the problem still remained. 3 Her sister informed Michael later that all the eczema had cleared up.
Chris H July 1997 Very poor sight which improved greatly after visiting Michael. She was on train to Dublin when something happened and it went poor again. Called 3 more times. 6 The sight has improved slightly which she feels is a help.
David F Sept 1997 Warts on his hand. 3 Warts fell away.
Declan O'C 2000

Declan fell and broke both his elbows. He went to UCH Galway where they were x-rayed and confirmed broken. He was then sent to Merlin Park Hospital, Galway where they were x-rayed again. He was told to go home and return in a week ,as they were so swollen and painful they could do nothing with them until the swelling went down. then they would operate and put them into a cast for 6-8 weeks. Declan had so much pain he could not move a finger.

7 After 3 visits with Michael all the pain went and Declan got movement in his elbows. When he returned to Merlin Park Hospital the doctors told him his left arm was 100% healed and his right arm was 97% healed. They asked him to come back a week later and they would arrange for Declan to see a phsyiotherapist. Declan called back on the date and they told him his arms were perfect without any treatments at all.
Frank W 1999 Frqank had a shoulder problem for years and had been to the doctor several times but got no relief. 3 Frank said that the shoulder had cleared up nicely and Michael met him the folllowing year where he informed him he had no problems since.
Freda M April 1998 Eczema and cracks on her hands - had been to the doctor and was using a lot of cream. 3 Eczema and cracks all cleared up.
Gerry B 1998 Gery had terrible throat infection and had been to the doctor several times and on antibiotics for a long time. 3 Gerry came for 3 visits and when he was due his 3rd visit Michael told him perhaps he should'n't venture out as it was pouring rain. Gerry still came. He then went out to work and has not looked back since- his throat cleared up fully and he is feeling great. And was still doing great in Sep 2000.
James V Aug 2000 Bad head & ear pain for long time 3 Pain completely went.
Jane M July 1997 Dizzy spells and knee pains - had been to doctor on several occasions to no avail. 3

No pain since, now visits twice yearly.


Jim M Nov 1997 Poor eyesight - could not watch TV or read. 3 Sight improved greatly and he felt in much better form.

Joe Mc G        Aug 1998 Joe had stomach cancer and it had gone into hs liver. He came from New York to see Michael. His hospital had given him a very bad report. On his first trip he vivited Michael 3 times. he came over again to visit and this was after having a scan at the hospital where he was told that his liver was now clear but it was still in his stomach. 6             Joes brother called Michael one year later and told him that Joe was on holdays in Texas and was feeling well.
John O'G April 1998 Bad back pain and burning down the back of his neck and shoulders and also one of his eyes was closed and he could only get 2-3 hours of sleep a night. he was going to Tralee for an operation on his eye. Michael called to his sister-in-law's house to help him. 3 After the first tme Michael called John and told him that he was so tired after his first visit that he went to bed at 9pm and had to be called at 9am the next morning. He had a great sleep and the pain and the burning disappeared. There has been no news with regard to his eye.
John W July 1997 Pain & pressure in head daily for a year. He had been to the doctor & hospital - stomach sore from meds & head no better. 3 After 1st visit pain & pressure went. Came for two more weeks and said if it ever returned he would come back. Michael has not seen him since.
Kathleen F Nov 1997 Pains in both knees 3 Pains went away.
Lorraine G Oct 1998 Lorraine suffered from epilepsy all her life and was having 2-3 fits a week. She attended a doctor regularly and was hospitilised several times in Galway, Dublin & Cork. She had a lot of tests and was on much medication. 3 Michael's wife was talking to Lorraine in September 2000 and Lorraine has said she has not had a fit since visiting Michael and she is hoping to get her license to drive.
Mae L July 1997 Ongoing migraine head pain for years - had been to many specialists/doctors and on much meds. 3 Has had no migraines since.
Margaret B July 1997 She had pain in her knee which was very stiff. She had been to the doctor and was having a lot of physio. Ahe used to love irish dancing but could no longer partake. 3

After 3 visits Margaret stiffnes and pain went away completely and she is now back dancing.

Mark G 1998 Mark from London came to Michael after he had an operation for a tumour in his head. They could not remove all the tumour and Mark had chemo. 3 Mark returned from hospital and was given the all clear from surgeons.
Mary F July 1997 Mary suffered with severe migraine for many years and was a regular visitor to her doctor. She had also been to a specialist on several occassions. Every morning she ould wake up at about 4am with very severe migraine and was on 18 tablets a day. 8 Mary has not suffered with migraine since her visits with Michael - mary told Michael that at one time if she had eaten chocolate, thi swould bring on the migraines - now she says she could eat a whole box of them!
Mary H July 1997 Depression and knee pains with which she was being treated by a doctor. 3 No knee pains and she feels that her spirits have lifted, the depressed feelings have greatly improved.

Mary L
March 1998 Had a problem with her swalow - doctors referred her to a specialist in the county hospital where they were to insert a camera to find the blockage. 3 Mary's visits were prior to hospilisation and the swallowing problem cleared up fully. She kept the appointment in the hospital with the specialist but they found nothing wrong.
Mary O'D April 1998 Eye & Stress Problems 3 Michael meets Mary regulary in town and she tells him that the problems have all cleared.
Maureen C June 1998 Maureen said she had a spot on her breast for months which looked like ringworm. She had been to her doctor several times and was using creams which did not clear it up. 3 Maureen rang back two weeks later to say that the spot was gone.
Maureen M July 1997 Very bad pain under shoulder blade for a long time. Was being treated by a doctor but still suffered. 3 Pains completely went and she said ahe would call if it ever came back.
Melanie J Aug 1998 Melanie had a tumour in her stomach and was in Our Ladys Hospital for Sick Chldren, Crumlin, Dublin. The specialist informed her parents he would give her chemotherapy to try to reduce it before they would operate. They were also told that whe they would operate thay would not be able to remove it completely as the roots of the tumour had all spread up around the child's organs. Melanie had teh chemo and was sent home for a weeks rest before the operation. Her parents brought her to see Michael. 3 Melanie returned to the Hospital for the operation and afterwards the surgeons told her parents they took out a tumour the size of a big fit - it was dead and all battered and told them he had no idea what happened to it, he had never seen it's like and also, when he took it away the roots al came with it. Melanie is now back at school and feeling well.
Michael B July 1997 Michael came from Cork with asthma and sinus. He said he was always feeling "stuffed up" and terrible. 3 He said he feels very much improved since his visits.
Michael k March 1998 Chronis stomach problem, had been to a doctor & specialist on several occasions bit to no avail. 3 Michael has had no problems since.
Neill McG 1998 Nel had a triple by-pass in 1997. He was home from USA on holiday in Ireland and is Michael's brother in law. Neil told Michael he was still very sore and could only lift his hand chest high, he also could not put it out straight. 3 -4 When Michael first left his hand in Neil's chest he felt Neils chest 'pop out' about 1/2 inch. Neil has not had any problems since and can now lift his hand above his head and also stretch out his arm fully.
Nora B July 1997 Nora had a sroke and was using a walking stick. She was in a lot of pain, her speech was slurred and she had to have help to walk. Her sister, a nun, used to bring her into Michael. 3 After her visit she improved so that on her second visit she walked in herself pain free with no stick and her speech very much improved. She now walks withh no help.
Paddy M Aug 1998 Paddys sister who live in London had aterible pain in her knee for twelve years suffering from arthritis - she could not sleep and walked with a walking stick. Ahe also suffered with poor eyesight. her doctor said it was a consequence of old age. Paddy brought his sister to Michael and after her first visit she left the rom crying and went into another room to her friends and told them it was the first time she was pain free in twelve free. 3 The second time she visited Michael she was still pain free and had no walking stick with her.SInce her return to London her brother has told Michael that she is pain free, needs no walking stick and now reads without glasses.

Padraic L                 Jan 1998 Shoulder very bad with pain and he could not raise it. Had been this way for some time and at the doctor several times but the shoulder was still very bad. 3                 After the third visit Michael did not hear back from Padraic until he met him out golfing in Bearna G.C. one day "pain free".
Pat D 1997 Pat came with his 3 children, 1 with asthma -and all three had ringworm. 3 The asthma greatly improved and the ringworm went away completely.
Patricia R Mar 1998 This lady was a teacher at the time and was in a terrible state - tired and sick all the time with no energy and was on sick leave from school. 3

Patricia felt much better in herself and went back to teaching during the pregnancy.

Paul D July 1997 Slipped off a ladder and broke his back. When discharged from hospital had a lot of back and leg pain. 1 The pain went and Paul has had no problems since.
Paul D June 2000 Suffered from head pain for a long time; was with doctors and meds for the same. 1 Head pains went and Paul was delighted.
Paul Mc K July 1997 Eye sight problems and bad with his breathing 3 Both have greatly improved - Paul himself is a faith healer!
Pauline L 1997 Stress and tension 3 Pauline said she has never felt so good.
Russell G 1997 Russell was very bad with asthma and was on inhalers for a long time. He plays a lot of basketball and football. 3 Russell said he felt brilliant and still did 3 years later.
Sean H May 1998 Sean's daughter was sin a bad way with warts for which she had been prescribed a lot of creams for years. The warts did not clear. 3 Sean rang Michale some weeks later to tell him that the warts had now gone completely.
Sean M 1997 Skin problem- it was all cracked on his hands and feet for about 4 years. He had been to doctor who gave him creams but they had no effect. 3 Sean's skin all cleared up and he said he would have come again if he needed to. Michael has not seen him since and so assumes it did not return.
Sean W Sept 2000 Sean, from Dublin, was visiting his Mum at Mayo General Hospital. When Michael met him he had terrible back problems. He could not bend and found it very difficult to get up off a chair. 1 Michael put his hand on Sean's back and Sean felt relief instantly - he could get up out of the chair with ease and could touch the floor. (Sean had been to the doctor several times with his back prior to meeting Michael)
Sharon C 1997 Sharon suffered from lower back pain and also she would get an eye ulcer every time she would get a cold. Sharon saw her doctor with the eye problem and was referred to an eye specialist in a Dublin hospital. After about six weeks out of work, Sharon came to Michael. 3 Her eye problem cleared up completely and also the pain went in her back. She said she would come again if needed. Three years later and there was still no eye / back problems.
Sr. R July 1997 Chronic chest and lung infection - treated with meds, which she had to be taken off by the doctor. 3 Upon admittance to hospital was told all was well without the medical attention advised.
Tina T Sept 1998 Suffered with a very bad migraine 3 Her migraine cleared and she said if it ever came back so would she. She has not been back since. 
Tom R Dec 1997 Tom met Michael in Merlin Park Hospital, Galway when Michael was in visiting a friend. Tom was in terrible pain with his back - sometime he would be in the garden at home and get so bad that an ambulance would have to be called. Micheal left his hands on Toms back and he got great relief from the pain. 4 Upon his discharge from the hospital Tom called to Michael 3 more times and said it was the best relief he had got since his problems began. Tom has since sent many back problem patients to see Michael and they too have got great relief.
Tommie N Sept 1999 Tommie injured his knee after a sea rescue where he jumped in to save a girl who had got into difficulties - he hit  his knee off a stone and since then has had problems with stiffness and pain. He was seen by doctors to no avail. 3 No pain or stiffness since. Michael and Tommie often meet up.
Vera C Sept 2000 Vera was in Castlebar hospital with fluid in her lung and he had great difficulty with her breathing. She also had a lump on her breast.   Her husband rang about a week later to say that all the fluid had cleared from her lungs and she had no breathing difficulties since Michael left his hands on her.
Benson July 1997 Honors daughter was very ill in Hospital in Castlebar. Michael's sister-in-law,Lil, met her grandmother who was very upset. She told Lil her grand-daughter was very ill with bowel problems and was not expected to live. She was crying all the time and on the waiting list for Crumlin Children's Hospital. The grandmother told her daughter who contacted Michael straight away. 3 Michael laid his hands on the child's tummy and the child stopped crying. The same was done on two more visits and when the child was examined by the doctors was given the all clear to have no operation.
Breedge S July 1997 Terrible back pain which went down her leg. Had been to a lot of doctors and back specialists but was still in terrible pain and found it difficult to sleep or walk. 3 Michael laid his hands on her back and down her leg. The pain went completely. She came back for two more sessions and said she had no pain and if it came back she will call again. As of Nov 2001, she had not called back.
Annette S 1998 Annette's daughter wrote a letter to Michael for her mother as she was blind for the last two years and she could not get through on phone to make an appointment as it was always engaged! She was in Limerick area and as Michael was going down that way he rang the number on the letter but it was a wrong number, but the person who answered looked up directory inquiries and gave Michael the correct number! 3 Michael met up with Annette in the Two Mile Inn. He laid his hands over her eyes and she arranged to come for appointment in Ballinrobe following Thursday. Again Michael laid hi hands on her eyes and she said she would call in another 3 weeks to arrange another appointment. About an hour later, she returned to Michaels house telling him they had gone uptown for a cup of tea and some buns. She was surprised and delighted that she could see and read all the big letters on the menu. Michael was thrilled for her. She left and went home. About six weeks later, she rang Margaret, Michaels wife, she was crying and wanted to tell them that her sight was back 100% in one eye. It was then she told us she was blind from birth in one eye!

Brian & Shane F Oct 1998 The 2 boys sight was very poor. One boy had only 5% sight and his writing was all over the copy book. 3 After the second visit they were called back to the clinic for check up and eye test. the boy with 5% vision now had 75% vision and the sight of the other boy had greatly improved. Their father told Michael after their third visit that they can now read between the lines.
Paddy C Oct 1998 Paddy suffered badly with depression. He had ore eyes also and knees. 3 Paddy said he felt much better since his visits. He said he also had a verruca on his heel which has now gone.
Andrew O B Oct 1998 Andrew had a problem with his eye and his prostate. When he would go to bed he would have to get up every two hours to go to the toilet. 3 Andrew told Michael he has had no problems since coming to see him.
Brian Mc G Nov 1998 Brian had a blockage in the lower part of his leg and had a lot of pain. 3 Michael rang Brian Sept 2000 and he told Michale he has no problem since.
Marjorie C Nov 1998 She came to Michale with an eyesight problem and also had problems swallowing food - all her food had to be liquidized. 3 On her third visit she told Michael that her eyesight had improved enormously and also she could now eat any food.
Marjorie C Nov 1998 Marjorie's son had a very bad breathing problem all his life. He had been to several doctors and been on medication for years. 3 Since his three visits he has had no problems.
Brian M Oct 1998 Brian had cancer in his hip and down his thigh for about two years. The hospital operated on his thigh bone and put in a steel plate but this did not heal it up and he was in hospital for about 6 months as they had to keep it drained - it kept filling up with pus. Brian told the specialist that he was going to a faith healer if it was OK with him. The specialist said to go where he could as he could do no more. 8 The second time Brian came to Michael,  Michael had his hand in the wound it burst, and all the pus started to pour out. Brian came back for 6 more sessions. His leg is now completely healed and the doctor were very surprised. Brian said he would come back if he had any more trouble - as of Sept 2000 ha had not come back, Thank God. Brian also had a lot of pain which went completely also.
Clodagh M Sept 1998

Every day Clodagh would wake up with a pain in her head and would get migraine headaches twice weekly. She said her whole life was in ruins as a result of this.

3 On her third visit Clodagh told Michael her whole life had changed - all headaches and migraines were gone and she could now do normal everyday tasks, along with looking forward.
 Brian E 1997  Brian was about 1 years old. He would wake up every morning with hi left eye closed and had a hard crust over it. He was crying and upset when he couldn't open it. When they eventually could open the ye would stream water and puss all day. The doctors told his parents he would have to have an operation on it. His parents did not want him to go through such an operation and they brought him to see Michael first. After the third visit it all cleared up and he has had no problems since. Brian also had a recurring ear problem which they did not tell Michael about and since he has been has had no infection since. 
 Joe Mc G Dec 1998 Joe had a problem with his swallow every time he went to eat. He had been to his doctor. he was waiting to be called to the hospital to have a camera put down in an exploratory procedure to find a blockage. 3 When Joe came back to Michael the second visit he said he was greatly improved and now had no problem with his swallow. He came the third time and still had no problems. When Joe was called to UCHG, Galway they did the procedure and Joe was given the all clear.
 PJ B Jan 1999  PJ met with a car accident and had a lot of problems with pain in his head and also a lot of pressure. He had been to his doctor and had pent time in hospital and was still the same.  After the 1st session the pain and pressure went. When he came back for the 3rd time ha still had no pain / pressure. About 4 months later PJ was taken into Sligo Hospital and transferred to UCH Galway - ha was all jaundice and he was told he had a blockage down the liver and was to be operated on Monday. PJ's friends rang Michael on the Saturday and asked him to see PJ. Michael called Sunday evening and the next morning the nurses came and took blood samples from him and said he would be brought into theater that afternoon. Later that morning the doctor came to him and told him his liver was now clear of blockage. He was discharged. Three days later he went for a check up and a few weeks later he was given the all clear.
 Jack W Jan 1999  Jack had eczema all over his body.  After three visits his grandmother, Kathleen informed Michael it had all cleared away. 
 Julie Mc N Jan 1999   Julie had pain in her neck and shoulders and down her hand. She had been to her doctor a good few times but it was still the same. When Julie came back for the third visit her pain was completely gone. She could now lift her arm. Michael met her in Sept 2000 and she still had no pain.
 Bridget D Jan 1999 Bridget had a bowel problem and was waiting to be called to hospital for surgery. 3 When Bridget came for her third time she felt great. When she got the call from hospital, they tested her and she was given the all clear.
 Rory k July 1999   Rory had cancer of the lung which was inoperable.

One night his wife rang Margaret ( Michaels wife) & asked if we had changed our number as she had given it out to several people and they could nevr seem to get through. We hadnt changed our number but it was a very busy line. Hs wife told Margaret that Rory should have sent them a card to let them know that after the 3 visits his cancer had gone. he had been for tests and was given the all clear. He is now back at work ( June 2001)


 Michelle L  July 1999  Michelle was very frightened and could not sleep at night and when she eventually fell asleep she was always seeing snakes in her dreams. 3 Her parents brought her to Michael and Michelle has had no problems since, she rings often to say how she is doing. 
 Colin G May 2001  Colin was very bad with asthma/ sinus and had a very bad cough. He was off school regular.  His mum said his sinus & cough are all cleared and his asthma is greatly improved - he has cut down greatky on his inhalers. 
 James m June 2003       

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